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RE: Wedge Anchors vs. Epoxy Rods

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	Actually, the diameter x factor method is the old way of
determining edge distance and spacing.  ICBO has specific criteria which
requires us to do iterative testing to determine minimum and critical
edge and spacing distances.  The distances and reduction factors
published in the ICBO reports result from the testing spelled out by
ICBO ES.  Of course, there may be some manufacturers who do not go for
ICBO reports.  Also, a manufacturer is not "required" to use the same
rules in their technical catalogs as they do in the ICBO reports.  We
try to keep things as consistent as possible, except we do not agree
with some of ICBO ES' safety factors, so the allowable loads in our Tech
Guide do not agree with the ICBO report.  There may be manufacturers out
there who still publish the old "diameter x factor" rules for spacing
and edge.

	Chris Gill
	Hilti, Inc.

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> Subject: 	Re: Wedge Anchors vs. Epoxy Rods
> Chris -
>   Regarding your mechanical anchors, what are the requirements for
> edge and
> anchor spacing? Per your "Product Technical Guide(10/97)",
> determination of
> the minimum and critical spacings is a function of either the anchor's
> minimum
> or standard embedment depth. A colleague recently mentioned that this
> criteria
> has been revised and is now determined based on the anchor's diameter
> multiplied a numerical factor. If this is the case, can I obtain a
> copy of the
> revised criteria?
> Thanks,
> Charlie Canitz, PE
> Bel Air, MD