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Speaking of this particular region, does anybody know the seismicity of the 
Shanghai region, particularly  in terms of our equivalent Zones or 
Acceleration Contour Maps? And as the note seems to imply, are there English 
versions of Chinese Codes that address seismic design ? If so, where can they 
be obtained ?  Thanks.

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Author:  seaoc(--nospam--at) at Internet
Date:    2/17/98 12:24 PM

I need to know where I may purchase the following 
chinese code :  GBJ68-84. ( in english version )

I found GBJ11-89, but I need to know the values of 
the action effect coefficients  Cg, Ceh, Cev, Cw 
for the formula 4.4.1 of GBJ11-89.

Many thanks in advance

Giammarco Negrini
Studio Negrini sas di G.Negrini e C. 
Lainate ( MI ) - Italia
e-mail  : stn(--nospam--at)
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