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Re: MISC: Reality Check - Dumb Question

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On all my commercial and residential jobs, even the smallest room addition, I
specify the bolt spacing at the shear wall and where the wall is 4 feet or
less, I specify the no.of bolts. It takes a while but it is worth it to make
sure the field guys clearly understand it.

I think it is a matter of engineer's judgement based on experience and gut
feeling whether to use the whole building length sill plate or just the shear
wall sill plate only. 

I consider only full height wall(sill to top plate) as shear wall, show the
location of this wall on the foundation plan(but without exact dimensions),
and indicate with "+" sill bolt location and a small square with a dot beside
it to indicate post or double stud with hold-down at shear wall ends. Then I
label each shear wall with the note "4x4 w/HD5A and I/2" dia. A.B. at 16"
oc(or 4-1/2" dia. A.B. for short walls) in between" pointing to the hold-down
locations. All other non-shear walls(below windows, etc) will have the "+"
symbol at 6 ft oc. A lot of work for me but I have peace of mind and the
foundation guys are happy with it.

If the shear value each shear wall is low(100 plf or less) and there no net
uplift, then I may make an exception but will look at it on a case-to-case

Ernie Natividad