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Re: Getting Involved - Revisited

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One free copy is available from SBCCI to any SBCCI member.  Additional copies
are available to anyone at $10.00 per copy, including shipping in USA.

Lew Midlam, PE

Tom.Hunt(--nospam--at) wrote:

>      I held off sending this until I was sure, but during the last SEAOSC
>      Orange County meeting Susan Dowty of ICBO (who gave a great talk on
>      the status and details of the upcoming IBC 2000 code) suggested that
>      anyone interested in commenting on the Draft IBC 2000 send a fax to
>      ICBO and they would send a complimentary copy.  Yesterday I received
>      my copy.  It also includes an official form for submitting changes and
>      they have also listed the responsible contacts for each section
>      including phone, fax, AND E-Mail addresses.  To get your free
>      complimentary copy you need to send a fax (no phone orders) to ICBO
>      1-562-692-3853 attention Liz Letz.  I assume, but I am not sure, that
>      this only applies to those on the West Coast who fall under the IBCO
>      (UBC) jurisdiction.  I would like to think that BOCA and SBCCI are
>      also offering free copies in their respective areas.  Anyone in the
>      South or East U.S. know??
>      This seems like a great opportunity for those of us who are travel
>      and/or money challenged to GET INVOLVED and to become familiar with
>      the Building Code that all of us in the States will be using in just a
>      few years.
>      Thomas Hunt, S.E.
>      Fluor Daniel