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Getting Involved - revisited

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     If you need a free copy of the working draft of the IBC you may fax a 
     request to Liz Letz at ICBO (562) 692-3853. While we would prefer that 
     ICBO members take advantage of this we won't turn anyone away. BOCA will 
     charge a modest cost for the document and I am not sure what SBCCI's 
     policy is.
     The deadline for submitting changes to the IBC draft passed recently. 
     Any changes received prior to to the deadline will be discussed at the 
     hearings in April, any submittals received now be included in the agenda 
     for subsequent public hearings.
     The current hearings are in April in Washington, D.C. I know that this 
     is far away from us but we are rotating the hearings around the 
     country to get more participation. 
     We will also be discussing the IBC and other International Codes at the 
     ICBO annual education and business session in San Diego in September, 
     1998. You may also request information from Liz regarding this event.