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Getting Involved - Revis

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Tom Hunt wrote:

. > It also includes an official form for submitting changes ...

If proposed changes to the IBC are going to be handled the same way that ICBO 
handled them, then the proponent of the proposed code change, or his/her 
representative, *must* attend the Code Development Committee hearings.  The 
Code Development Committees do not hear or discuss proposed code changes 
unless *somebody* makes a motion to accept the proposed change, IAW Robert's 
Rules of Order.  Involvement, commitment, travel and expense are therefore 
much greater than just submitting a proposed code change.

The City of Tucson/Pima County Building Code Review Committee, a committee 
made up of representatives of the engineering, architectural and construction 
communities, is currently reviewing the IBC and has proposed one change for 
consideration at the April public hearing.  We have proposed that the 
"Deferred Submittals" paragraph as it is included in the 1997 UBC be included 
in the IBC.  (The Building Official of Pima County, Bill Jones, is going 
to represent the committee's position at the hearings.)  Any support for our 
position at the hearings would be appreciated.  We are also planning to 
submit additional changes dealing with live load for residential 
sleeping areas and roof live load requirements after we see the revised 2nd 
draft when it is published this spring(?).

When changes were proposed to the ICBO codes, the proposed changes were 
published as Part III to Building Standards Magazine.  Maybe someone from 
ICBO can comment on whether proposed changes to the IBC will also be 
published in the same manner.  I have tried searching ICBO's web site to see 
if the proposed changes were published on the web, but was unable to find 
anything.  Could someone from ICBO also comment on this?

It is doggone hard keeping up with the current draft and proposing changes in 
the *very* limited time that is given.  For example, the "First Draft" was 
published in November, very late in November, received in December, and 
proposed changes had to be submitted by January 5th!

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona