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RE: Getting Involved - Revisited

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I appreciate the information on obtaining the IBC 2000 draft. I faxed a
message yesterday. You are correct that this is a great way to stay informed
and by posting the means on this list has helped those of us who want the
information to know where to get it.
Thanks again,

Dennis Wish PE

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|Subject: Getting Involved - Revisited
|     The hearings for the proposed changes to the IBC working draft are at
|     the end of April 1998. They are in Washington D.C. There will be
|     available a monograph of the proposed changes in mid March. I will try
|     to post a message when it comes in.
|     If you are not able to be present at the hearings to testify regarding
|     your proposals; the code development committee will vote based on what
|     is present in the written monograph. The assembly (code officials) may
|     overturn the action of the committee by a vote from the floor. If the
|     assembly does not act the recommendation of the committee will be
|     included in the final draft of the IBC.
|     The final draft of the IBC should be available this year (summer
|     1998?).
|     The monograph (part III of the Building Standards magazine) only
|     contains proposed changes to published codes. This would include the
|     International Plumbing Code, International Mechanical Code,
|     International Zoning Code etc. but does not include any codes which
|     are still in a working draft stage (such as the International Building
|     Code)
|     Thanks for your interest
|     David Dodgen
|     ICBO