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Re: AutoCAD R14 Tip

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I just tested the "w" command in my R14 (without Softesk) and it performs
as you described namely:
No prompt for block
creation of thumbnail.
Mark your calendar. Dennis is right :o) !

Bill Allen

> From: Dennis S. Wish <wish(--nospam--at)>
> To: seaoc(--nospam--at)
> Subject: RE: AutoCAD R14 Tip
> Date: Wednesday, February 18, 1998 1:43 PM
> Mark,
> I have always followed the steps of creating a Block and then using
> to save it to a disk. When I have done this, the file was not copied to
> disk with a thumbnail graphic. If I later retrieve the file by inserting
> file, I could not see the thumbnail.
> Maybe this is a change made to Release 14. I learned of the shorcut on
> Autodesk Web site under their Tips & Tricks section. You might want to
> it out to verify that it is as I reported it. The tip seemed to imply
> it did not perform the same as the original steps using block and then
> wblock.
> Check it out and then let me know - or let me know if they changed the
> Wblock command in R14 to save thumbnails with the file.
> Dennis
> Dennis Wish PE
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> |From: Mark Middlebrook [mailto:markmid(--nospam--at)]
> |Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 1998 7:29 AM
> |To: 'SEAOC List'
> |Subject: RE: AutoCAD R14 Tip
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> |Dennis:
> |
> |>> I found this one on the Autodesk web site. If you use the "W"
> |shortcut command within AutoCAD, you will be able to save objects from
> |your drawing to a separate file (create details). <<
> |
> |I'm not sure what command you're talking about. In the default R14
> |Acad.pgp file, W runs the WBLOCK command:
> |
> |W,         *WBLOCK
> |
> |There's also the BLOCK command (Acad.pgp alias = -B) and an AutoLISP
> |program called BMAKE (alias = B), but both of these create a block
> |definition in the current drawing, rather than write it out to a
> |separate DWG file.
> |
> |>> This is similar to Wblock except (and a big exception) you can
> |bypass the block command and go straight to saving the chosen objects
> |to your hard drive. <<
> |
> |The WBLOCK command has always allowed you to bypass the BLOCK command.
> |
> |Command: WBLOCK
> |[Specify new DWG file name in dialog]
> |Block name: [press ENTER to skip specifying an existing block name]
> |Insertion base point: [pick point]
> |Select objects: [do so]
> |
> |>> The final advantage to this is that it will automatically save a
> |thumbnail drawing which Wblock does not do. <<
> |
> |WBLOCK saves a thumbnail on my system.
> |
> |>> The objects are saved as blocks and also wblocks. <<
> |
> |The WBLOCK command creates a new DWG file out of the objects, but does
> |not create a block definition in the current drawing. If you insert
> |the new DWG file back into the current drawing, then AutoCAD creates
> |the block definition in that drawing.
> |
> |- Mark Middlebrook
> |
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