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IBC Code Change Procedures

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     Roger Turk wrote:
     If proposed changes to the IBC are going to be handled the same way 
     that ICBO handled them, then the proponent of the proposed code 
     change, or his/her representative, *must* attend the Code Development 
     Committee hearings.  The Code Development Committees do not hear or 
     discuss proposed code changes unless *somebody* makes a motion to 
     accept the proposed change, IAW Robert's Rules of Order.
     I am not part of this committee process, but I have a hard time 
     believing that one has to be present at a committee hearing in order 
     to submit a code change.  In fact this would be contrary to the IBC 
     instructions which state "Any interested person, persons or group may 
     submit a code change proposal which will be duly considered when in 
     conformance to these Rules of Procedure."..."Submit proposals to the 
     appropriate secretariat shown in the chart above".
     Certainly the committee can reject the proposal and at some point the 
     committee, if it agrees with the change, will have to push it up the 
     ladder which probably involves an official motion at a future meeting 
     but the process has to start somewhere.
     Can anyone from ICBO (or other involved persons) shed some light on 
     the correct and/or established procedure for submitting changes to the 
     IBC code?
     The submittal date for comments of the first draft (Nov 97) did in 
     fact close January 5, 1998 however the deadline for public submittals 
     to the Final Draft is open until Oct 98.  For those on the West Coast 
     note that the ICC Public Hearings on the final draft will be held in 
     Los Angeles, Jan 1999.
     Thomas Hunt
     Fluor Daniel