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IBC Code Change Procedur

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Tom Hunt wrote:

. > I am not part of this committee process, but I have a hard time believing 
. > that one has to be present at a committee hearing in order to submit a 
. > code change.  In fact this would be contrary to the IBC instructions 
. > which state "Any interested person, persons or group may submit a code 
. > change proposal which will be duly considered when in conformance to 
. > these Rules of Procedure."..."Submit proposals to the appropriate 
. > secretariat shown in the chart above".

I think that if you re-read my post you will see that I did not say that you 
have to attend the code change hearing in order to submit a code change.  
*Anyone* can submit a code change in accordance with the instructions given.  
The situation with ICBO's Code Development Committees was that if there was 
no motion made at the hearing to approve the proposed code change, then the 
committee would not consider it, a motion would then be made to recommend 

There is a big difference between *submitting* a proposed code change, and 
having the code development committee consider it at the hearing.  Therefore, 
if a person is serious about having a roposed code change considered, (and I 
believe that most persons are) he/she must first have submitted it, and 
*then* be at or have someone at the hearing to move acceptance and argue for 
the change.

I, too, naively thought that one only had to submit a proposed code change 
with appropriate documentation for it to be considered by the code 
development committees until I attended a code committee hearing.  It opened 
my eyes!  I stongly encourage anyone interested in the code change process to 
attend a code development committee hearing.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona