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RE: Eaglepoint Advertising

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I don't personally feel it's fair to condemn a developer of software from
pointing out that their product may meet the needs of a person asking for
references. How often does one non-developer recommend a product to the list
that they find useful - isn't this an advertisment for a product.
Where do we draw the line?
I think that Bill Allen had a reasonable solution - a short note
recommending that those interested visit the vendors web site or write them
directly for more information. Limit this to once per appropriate thread and
I feel that it is reasonable.
Many engineers develop and try to market their work - some for free, others
as shareware and still others as commercial products. The intention of this
list is not to market software, but to be able to discuss the relavency of
products so as to meet the needs of those who requested the information.
Personally, I don't see a problem with a short announcment for new products
or software updates. Isn't the CAC doing this to gain advertising dollars
through the Web site?
Finally, Joe Deppe got the message from the responses he received, I'm sure
he understands the need for diplomacy on the list.
Dennis Wish PE

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|Any advertising on this list is inappropriate, even when presented in the
|guise of an answer to a question. Answering a question about the
|appropriateness of MBMA wind load guidelines with "check out our software"
|not performing a service, it's blatant marketing of a product. Fortunately,
|think most engineers are bright enough to see through such superficial
|marketing efforts.
|Earl Conroy, P.E.
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