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RE: IBC Code Change Procedures

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This was one of the major concerns of this list. Although SEAOC wants
membership to grow (your fee's help to accomplish the work that SEA does by
covering the overhead costs as well as publishing) membership is not a
criteria for voicing or submitting written opinions. The effects of changes
in codes is felt by all engineers not just those with membership, therefore,
each voice is as important in the development of written codes.
Many of the committee members that are Building Department employees are not
paid members to SEAOC - at least those that I sat with on the Existing
Buildings Committee in the early ninties. Doc Nygheim (sorry about the
spelling) who is now a member and on the board of directors of SEAOSC was
not a member at the time, yet had an equal voice in the development of the
code. He was, however, an employee of Los Angeles City, but we had other
building members and affiliated companies (such as anchor and hardware
manufactures) who lended support to the committees but were not members.
Maybe this has changed, but my feeling is that if membership was a priority
to having an opinion heard, this list would be restricted to members only.
I recommend that you do choose an organization to financially support who
you are confident will work in your professions best interest and has
benifits to you as well as to others.
Finally, I may be critical at times of our professional representatives. I
feel that we can work for change rather than simply to withdraw support.

Dennis Wish PE

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|Does SEAOSC(or SEAOC) provide a service to its members(or even non-members)
|who has a comment or proposed revision to the Code but cannot go to these
|meetings? Maybe a committee that will accept written comments/revisions and
|evaluate them and if it merits being heard at the meetings(even if SEAOC
|not necesarily support it) then maybe a SEAOC representatives at the
|can present and second it.
|I'm sure a lot of practicing engineers have commnents or "wish list' on
|sections of the Code that they use everyday but they don't have time, money
|and energy to attend these meetings.
|Ernie Natividad