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Company Advertising

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I have monitored this site for quite some time now and have offered
information and solutions to many inquiries without advertising any
products.  The response to the Visio inquiries included information
about Eagle Point as a reference point for more information, not to push
the product

I appreciate that this is not a 24-hour bulletin board for advertising
and never intended to use it as one.  Other companies, or
representatives of their companies, plug their products on this same
site periodically and I see nothing wrong with it as long as we are
offering an answer or solution to a problem.  We, vendors as a whole,
are just trying to be of service in the best way possible...forgive our
seemingly forward approach.

>From: 	Bill Cain, S.E.[SMTP:bcain(--nospam--at)]
>Sent: 	Thursday, February 19, 1998 12:34 PM
>To: 	seaoc(--nospam--at)
>Subject: 	Re: Eaglepoint Advertising
>At 12:51 2/19/98 EST, Ernie Natividad  wrote:
>>A separate listserve or website listiing all the available software is a
>>appropriate place for this. If anybody knows of such a site, can you
>direct us
>>to it. Then anybody who is shopping around for new software can  compare and
>>evaluate products before buying.
>>Ernie Natividad
>[Bill Cain]  The SEAOC website lists a number of software vendors with
>contact information.  Vendors can advertise on the website (instructions
>are available on the SEAOC homepage).  To me, this is far preferable to
>advertising babble on the list.  It allows me to choose to talk with them.