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CAD - Standard for Detail Names?????

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I looked at this back when 8.3filenames and started using the following


	where 	X is the material type connecting to 
		Y is the material type be connected to
		ABCD are the four quadrants, top, left, right, bottom of the detail
		abbreviations used
			b for beam, j for joist, p for post, c for column, f for footing, so on

	ex.    62njjb0a    this is a wood to steel, nothing above, joists to the
left and right and a beam below.  the 0a is a a type of base 26 numbering
that would allow for more than 99 of this type of connection.  Also using
this method, scanning ACAD thumbnails are faster because you can sort
through the library without an index.

	Bill Warren, SE
	Newport Beach, CA