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Re: Company Advertising

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Bill Allen  asked for a vote. . . .draw and quarter Joe Deppe . . .or "encourage" EaglePoint to buy advertisement at the SEAOC web site?

C'mon, guys, just let him contribute like anyone else. Where's the threat, and who's the victim? All he did was tell us, replying to a query on "our" list server, that his company has software we might want to buy.

If a salesman is too long winded, or sends too many messages, he loses his credibility and hurts his own chances. On the other hand, if his product has a chance of being useful, I'd like to know about it.

Technical sales is a two way street. When the Trus-Joist salesman knocks on the door, we let him in because he's bringing a catalogue full of design aids and stories about what's happening on the job sites. In return, we consider specifying his product. We are all on the same side of the fence when it comes to working for better projects.

Some American contributors have talked as if advertising is EVIL. . . sorry ... "not professional". I thought that you'd find that kind of talk only in England ("Shame allowing that one into our club, what? Not really in our class, is he?").

Guess I'd imagined every American believed that free enterprise was good for us.

My vote is: Let it ride. Wait till we're flooded with a few hundred more sales pitches before we start thinking about rules on what's acceptable speech for structural engineers.

Jim Warne
Vancouver, Canada