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IBC Dates

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     I have included a list of dates for various meetings related to the 
     development of the IBC, the International Residential Code, and other 
     related committee meetings. To my knowledge all meetings listed are 
     open to the public, but you may wish to call ahead to be sure.
     For your information we received over 3,000 proposed changes to 
     working draft of the IBC. This means that there is a high level of 
     interest. It also means that the hearings will move very quickly in 
     Washington/Alexandria this spring.
     The dates are:
     March 5-7 ICC Interantional Residential Code Meeting, Portland OR
     March 12-13 ICC (Building) Performance Committee Meeting, Raliegh NC 
     March 13,14 ICC Scoping Coordination Committee Meeting. San Francisco, 
     CA Ph (562) 699-0541 ext 3285
     March 23-26 BOCA Spring Meeting, Atlantic City, NJ (708) 799-2300
     March 28 ICC Certified Building Official Exam (Various Locations)
     April 2,3 ICBO Evaluation Committee Meeting, Airport Marriott Hotel, 
     LA, CA
     April 6-10 20th Annual National Hurricane Conference, Norfolk VA
     April 6-15 ICC Public Hearing on Proposed Code Changes to the 
     International Codes, Washington DC
     April 14-24 ICC Code Hearings, Radisson Plaza Hotel at Mark Center, 
     Alexandria, VA
     April 24-25 AIA Building Performance: Research and Development 
     Conference, Denver CO
     May 3-7 Pacific Rim Conference of Building Officials, Maui, HI
     May 5-9 SFPE Second International Conference on Performance Based 
     Codes and Fire Safety Design Methods, Maui, HI
     May 17-22 NFPA Annual Meeting, Cincinnati, OH
     May 29-30 ICC Scoping Coordination Committee Meeting, Location TBD
     June 11-12 ICC (Building) Performance Committee Meeting, Location TBD
     June 25-26 ICBO-ES Evaluation Committee Meeting, Airport Marriott 
     Hotel, LA CA
     July 13-15 SBCCI Midyear Hearings, Birmingham AL (205) 591-1853
     July 31-August 1 ICC Scoping Coordination Committee Meeting. Location 
     August 16-20 IFCI Annual Meeting, Code Change Session and Education 
     Forum, Radisson Hotel, St Paul, MN (612) 292-1900