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Re: Advertising

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I'd like to weigh in on the advertising.  I respect software vendors that
monitor this list and contribute.  I'd rather hear from vendor's engineers and
code crunchers than the sales staff.  I was very impressed with Bruce Bates's
contributions to the discussion of Master-Slave nodes.  He presented the facts
without a direct sales pitch.  Noticeably absent were contributions from other
software developers on how they define the relationships.  Par for the course
when discussing how  a program works with a vendor's salesman is:  "It uses
the stiffness method".  Mr. Bates did his company a favor by participating the
way he did.  We all saw that here was a vendor that could probably use his own
product.  The list is an excellent place to get into the finer points of
software use and abuse.  I welcome software discussions that focus on the
technical aspects and user's opinions of the software's ease of use,
reliability and adaptability.  These programs are expensive.  It's nice to
know what real users think before you buy.  

Jan Harris, PE
( & I'm Not a RISA User!! )