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CFMS - Cold Formed Metal Studs in Wall With Sheathing on One Side Only

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I'm looking at a wall with metal C studs and
sheathing on one side only.  At the bottom of the
studs each flange is attached to the sill track.
At the top of the studs each flange is attached to
a track top plate.  At about mid height is a u
channel that runs though the cut outs and is
attached to the web of each stud via a clip
angle.  The stud is a two span affair supported at
ground, intermediate floor, and roof.

I'm trying to evaluate the capacity of the stud to
resist wind loads that put the flange without the
sheathing into compression.

I had thought of using
    lx = L/2             Kx = 1
    ly = very small   Ky = 1
    lt = L/2              Kt = 1
and then applying the typical formulas for
allowable bending in cold formed C sections

Dennis . . . anyone, am I on the right track (pun
intended) or not.

Stan Johnson, PE
I'm singing in the rain, just sing . . .  :)))