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RE: Company Advertising

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To advertise on SEAOC web site, please sign up at:

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At 05:08 PM 2/19/98 -0600, you wrote:
>I vote to bar all posts from Dennis Wish and Bill Allen until they
>jointly agree to stop complimenting each other!  It's just not natural,
>and it threatens the very integrity of this Listserv.
>With respect to Joe Deppe, please remember that he has the misfortune of
>living and working in Iowa.  Have you ever been to Dubuque?  Let's cut
>him some slack!
>Stan Caldwell, P.E.
>Dallas, Texas
>>From: 	Bill Allen[SMTP:BAllenSE(--nospam--at)]
>>Sent: 	Thursday, February 19, 1998 3:30 PM
>>To: 	seaoc(--nospam--at)
>>Subject: 	Re: Company Advertising
>>Ok, participants. It's time for a vote. Is it time to draw and quarter Joe
>>Deppe and boycott EaglePoint software or to "encourage" EaglePoint to buy
>>advertisement at the SEAOC web site?
>>Bill Allen
>>> From: Bill Cain, S.E. <bcain(--nospam--at)>
>>> To: seaoc(--nospam--at)
>>> Subject: Re: Company Advertising
>>> Date: Thursday, February 19, 1998 12:33 PM
>>> At 13:21 2/19/98 -0600, Joe Deppe wrote:
>>> >I have monitored this site for quite some time now and have offered
>>> >information and solutions to many inquiries without advertising any
>>> >products.  The response to the Visio inquiries included information
>>> >about Eagle Point as a reference point for more information, not to push
>>> >the product
>>> >
>>> >I appreciate that this is not a 24-hour bulletin board for advertising
>>> >and never intended to use it as one.  Other companies, or
>>> >representatives of their companies, plug their products on this same
>>> >site periodically and I see nothing wrong with it as long as we are
>>> >offering an answer or solution to a problem.  We, vendors as a whole,
>>> >are just trying to be of service in the best way possible...forgive our
>>> >seemingly forward approach.
>>> Joe Deppe:
>>> [Bill Cain]  I think your post indicates that you still don't get it. 
>>> SEAOC website is a far more appropriate place to push your product (and
>>> would help support the cost of the website and listserver).  I believe
>>> four rapid fire messages from you and your colleague (Brent Straka) in a
>>> very short time was quite excessive. 
>>> As Dennis Wish mentions, others have mentioned their product from time to
>>> time but it has almost always been in the context of explaining a feature
>>> that several list members have asked about (or else they got flamed just
>>> like you did ;<).  If you want to see how it is done in a classy manner
>>> look in the archives for some of the posts that Bruce Bates has done. 
>>> the tone and timing of his messages.  They are informative, professional
>>> and generally discuss a topic that goes beyond his product.  They also
>>> don't bombard the list with multiple "marketing" messages over a very
>>> time.  
>>> In general, it is better to respond to a person's question directly with
>>> product information (their email address is in the header) rather than
>>> "shotgun" the list with advertising.  My organization does buy a fair
>>> amount of structural software.  However, I, for one, would be very
>>> reluctant to do business with your organization if that "pushy-ness" is
>>> characteristic of your approach.  Regardless how good your product might
>>> be, I prefer to deal with people who act like professionals.  The value
>>> the information (beyond the value to you as a vendor) you provided in all
>>> four posts was marginal at best IMHO.  
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