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RE: URM - Parapet Bracing Question -Reply

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Thanks Tim, at one time there was an allowance to exceed the 6'-0" spacing
for concrete capped parapet. This must have died some years ago in place of
the 6'-0" max spacing.
Thanks again for the reply

Dennis Wish PE

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|Subject: URM - Parapet Bracing Question -Reply
|My copy of 1994 UCBC Appendix 1 does not have the 10 foot rule for
|parapets. Anchors are generally limited to 6 feet but this could be
|interpreted to mean only the diaphragm anchorage as written. The actual
|language is given below. By the way, I get these quick code quotes off
|my ICBO CODE EXPRESS CD  I think this is a great tool for quickly finding
|code requirements from all of the uniform codes. Here's the section:
| A113.6 Parapets. Parapets and exterior wall appendages not
|conforming to this chapter shall be removed, or stabilized or braced to
|ensure that the parapets and appendages remain in their original position.
|The maximum height of an unbraced unreinforced masonry parapet
|above the lower of either the level of tension anchors or roof sheathing
|shall not exceed the height-to-thickness ratio shown in Table A-1-F. If
|the required parapet height exceeds this maximum height, a bracing
|system designed for the forces determined in accordance with Chapter
|16 of the Building Code shall support the top of the parapet. Parapet
|corrective work must be performed in conjunction with the installation of
|tension roof anchors. The minimum height of a parapet above any wall
|anchor shall be 12 inches (305 mm).
|EXCEPTION: If a reinforced concrete beam is provided at the top of the
|wall, the minimum height above the wall anchor may be 6 inches .
|Literally, this means its up to the design but I have seen most URM
|parapet braces spaced at six feet.
|Hop this helps,
|Tim McCormick, P.E.
|City of Los Angeles