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RE: CAD - Standard for Detail Names?- LONG!

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Your on, John.
1. Start a new drawing our bring up a drawing that you have done in release
12 that contains the dimensioning style that  you favor (in the scale that
you want to use).
1a. In my case I created a new style for various scales with the ddim
command. I named them something like arch12 for 1"=1' or arch48 for 1"=4'-0"
and so on.
2. When you are satisfied with the first style and have saved it, modify the
scale factor and save it to a new name like arch96 (if you changed the 1/4"
scale to 1/8". CAUTION, when you make the change, Autocad automatically puts
a + sign at the end of the arch48 name and asks if you want to save it. DO
NOT SAVE IT, or it will overwrite the arch48 with a new dimscale of 96.
Instead, create a new name arch96 and save it to that.
3. Do this for every scale you anticipate working in.
4. You must have the Bonus Tools installed and the bonus menu configured for
your display.
5. Pull Down Bonus menu, choose TOOLS and then select Export DIMSTYLE.
6. You will be presented with a pop-up menu of each of the styles you have
saved in your drawing. You can choose as many styles as you want to save by
holding down the CTL key and picking the styles to export.
7. Choose to save the full dimension style information.
8. An ASCII file is created with the dim extension that you can change or
edit at will.

TIP: create an empty file set to scale 1=1 and IMPORT the dimension style
(dim file) in by following the steps above and choosing Dimstyle Import
rather than export. Save the file to a default template name and choose it
as your prototype or default drawing. Now you will always have your
dimension styles setup and ready to go.

TIP2: If your client wants you to follow their convention, you can import a
full Dimension style ASCII script of thiers into your drawing - just be sure
that their styles have unique names. This way you can assure compatibility
with your clients ticks and arrows (as well as colors and text sizes).

TIP3: You can follow the same conventions and export or import layer names
and layer attributes. Under the bonus menu choose Layer and then choose
Layer Manager. If you wish to save your layer convention, simply choose
export, give it a unique name and save it. You can then cancle the layer
manager. You clients can save their layer conventions (saved to an ascii
*.lay file) which you can then import into your drawing to be compatible.

Release 14 offers many great innovations to help you be more productive. I
only wish they had a better block manager built in.

Dennis Wish PE

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|Hi Dennis,
|Look like you're an expert in Acad 14. I'm still using Acad 12 and
|recently upgraded to r14. I'm interest in the script file and could you
|email direction. Thanks in advance for your help.
|John Nguyen, PE
|The Bentley Company