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Re: Company Advertising

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In a message dated 98-02-20 20:18:43 EST, Dennis Wish writes:

<< Why is that some of the best relationships with people on this list always
 start with the list members jumping all over that person for some unsocial
 Netiquite. Looks like Joe Deppe will become a regular endeared member -
 welcome to the list Joe!
 Maybe we need to start this as an initiation ritual for new list members?

Its seems to be Standard Operating Procedure.  Except that Bill Allen seems to
have mellowed of late.  He hasn't really "Bill'd" anyone in a quite a spell.
Probably all us "left wing rabble rousers" giving him such a hard time   :<)

BTW, Joe Deppe, I'd like to add my welcome.

Bill Cain, SE
Albany, CA