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RE: CAD - Organizing detail libraries?

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Robert Grandmaison wrote:

>> I would like to throw away all the hard copies in the office of all the details and somehow get the engineers used to looking at the actual CAD details in their native format via something like FastLook or some other viewing product. <<

This need might be well served with DWF (Drawing Web Format) files. One of the big advantages of using DWF is that the software for the engineers (Web browser + WHIP! plug-in) is free. All you'd need is at least one copy of R14 to create DWFs from DWGs.

The obvious down-side is that someone has to keep the DWFs up-to-date with the DWGs. That's not too difficult to do with a batch file and script. For example, to create DWFs of all DWGs in a directory, put the following BAT and SCR file in the directory and run the BAT file:

@echo off
rem Lazy.bat: Uses R14 to run Lazy.scr on a batch of drawings
echo About to run Lazy.scr on all drawings in this directory
for %%f in (*.dwg) do start /wait c:\progra~1\autoca~1\acad.exe %%f /b Lazy.scr
echo Done.
;;; Lazy.scr: Creates a DWF file using the current DWG name, then quits.

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Once you have the DWFs on the server, engineers can double-click on the filenames to view them one at a time, or you can create Web pages with text links to the DWFs and/or the actual DWFs.

- Mark Middlebrook