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RE: SEAOC $10.00 dues increases objection

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I vote to dissolve the state chapter and return to independent chapters. My
experiences with the state Computer Applications Committee has been
horrendous and was the main reason that I stopped writing SEAOC Online and
participating in the CAC. Please understand that it was not the committee
members that I had complaints with -for the most part I found those members
that worked on the CAC to be most dedicated and productive with respect to
this server and the many unseen advancements accomplished by this committee.
However, I have never run into so much "red-tape", confusion and political
BS in my life. What was intended to simplify our goals in the evolution of
the Internet List and SEAOC Online created so many obstacles beginning with
Alan Goldsteins desire to see the list shut down because of his concern over
the liability to SEAOC, to censorship of SEAOC Online by others outside the
CAC committee. The final straw was when I showed up at the airport with a
reservation to make the committee meeting in Oakland only to find that the
approval from the board was reneged after it was approved and I was never
Rather than support additional overhead to try and organize four state
chapters at the expense of the members, I feel that the boards of each
chapter should work at a less expensive means to create uniform
representation through the state. We have the tools to do this much cheaper
than to try and maintain a state office.
For those that are not aware of this, there has been an unresolved debate as
to the distribution of profits from the SEAOC Web site. Now I use the title
SEAOC simply to mean our current agreement although the server is owned and
maintained by SEAOSC.
If you or any of the other board members can provide convincing evidence as
to why it is necessary to charge approximately 5000 state members $65-75.00
a year more in order to physically unify four state chapters, I might
reconsider my argument. This amounts to over $375,000.00 per year not
counting proceeds earned from publications and state supported seminars
(which I understand has not been very profitable). Has anyone really
questioned just where seaoc is investing $375,000.00 per year?
For those outside California, this may sound like another civil war. Please
consider for the moment that Calfornia is approximately 1,200 miles from
Mexico to Oregon. With four active chapters, there is no doubt, a great
degree of politics to be played between chapters.
I don't believe the solution is to resolve past problems and power struggles
between chapters by physically unifing control for a cost that, in my eyes,
can not be justified to the members pockets that it comes from.
Personally, if it is possible, I would want to only support my local chapter
and refuse to pay the additional for the state.
One more thing. The state board, from my understanding is simply a
representation from each chapters board of directors - with state president
rotating around each section per year. Why is it not possible for a state
board to exist without the cost of supporting a state office - since this is
what we have done in the past.

Again, show me the benifits of a state office, allow this list (and all
members alike) to debate alternatives methods. If the consensus is that the
cost to support a state office is justified, I'll back it. Until then I vote
to disolve it based upon my personal experiences.

Dennis Wish PE
former editor and founder of SEAOC Online

Dennis Wish PE