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Re: SEAOC $10.00 dues increases objection

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I usually just trust SEAOSC that what they charge is reasonable. But now that
this came up again, yeah, I want to know where the money goes.

As a member of the AAA auto club, I receive a monthly(I think) magazine where
they include once a year a financial statement showing where all the
membership money goes. It would be nice if SEAOSC can do this. Also, the AAA
magazine is a lot better than the SEAOSC newsletter in terms of more relevant
news on existing, new and proposed regulations affecting vehicles and drivers.
Reading this magazine makes me feel that with the services they offer their
members, the money I pay for membership is worth it. I can't say the same
thing about SEAOSC. I think that if SEAOSC is serious about keeping their
members and attracting new members, they should spend more time and effort
improving their Newsletter. Since this is their major form of dialogue they
have with the members,  they should stress here the Organization's importance
and continuously inform the members of what they are doing for the Structural
Engineering Community.

I'll say "SHOW ME WHERE THE MONEY GOES", then I'll decide if I want to keep
the State Office.

Ernie Natividad