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AutoCAD & Network Questions

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From:  H. John Price
           San Diego

Does anyone have an answer to any or all of the following questions?

When using PC's for AutoCAD across a network I've found that there is a
noticeable drop-off in workstation performance (speed).  Why is this?  Is
there a lot of file swapping going on, in addition to file saves?  If so, how
can I set up AutoCAD to use the local workstation disk drive for file swapping
and temporary file saves while still saving the drawing files at "Save" or
"End" commands to the network server.

And on this topic, can I load the drawing file from the network server and
when I save, do so to both the network server and the local workstation,
thereby providing an automatic back-up copy?

On a related topic, have you also experience network traffic/volume problems
while running other office programs?  The Etabs program (not the Windows input
module) generates a lot of DOS-based network swap files.  Any suggestions on
how to handle this and similar issues while still maintaining the benefits of
centralized network file storage and backup.

Any input on the above topics would be greatly appreciated.