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LGSS - Opinion on Stud pins in steel studs verses screws

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My client wishes to substitute stud pins (power driven pins) to secure plwd
or OSB shear panels to metal studs. He has the appropriate ICBO reports from
the manufacturer, but I am concerned about the adequacy of the connection.
>From my clients point of view, the installation is a snap and therefore
reduces his labor cost - especially since this is done by the homeowner
(part of the sweat equity of low income residential construction).
I have reviewed the Shear Wall Values for Light Weight Steel Framing by
Prof. Serrette which is the basis for the 1994 and 97 UBC requirments.
Unlike the APA report #154, the shearwall stud size is also reduced from 18
gauge to 20 gauge. My client was adament about following this standard since
it also saved money.
I spoke with the president of the LGSEA (Light Gauge Steel Engineers
Association) who stands behind Serrette's values (which were monotonic and
cyclically tested). The Serrette tests did not use stud pins and I
therefore, have questions about the adequacy of the connection in cyclic

Can anyone shed some light on this subject? Should I follow the Serrette
values from the code or go more conservative as recommended in the APA
report? Should I substitute stud pins for the Ply-Metal Drillers that I have
been specifying?
So many decisions, so little information!!!!!

Dennis S. Wish PE

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