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Re: LGSS (Light Gauge Steel Studs) Need design example

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I agree with Tim that the formula for the allowable compression on metal studs
is complicated and is what I consider a specialized field similar to
prefabricated roof trusses. There are a special conditions, assumptions and
specifications for their design.  I have the formula with a sample design
which I got from my lecture notes on a one day cold form metal design seminar
I attended last year. But I would not attempt to use it unless I take a course
on Cold Form metal stud design or I read a textbook or a comprehensive design
manual. Even then I am not sure if I am applying and interpreting the formulas

I suggest using a metal stud catalog or calling the manufacturer's structural
engineer who I assume will have more experience on this subject. 

 I have a catalog for DIETRICH metal stud and they have a table of allowable
axial load on studs with wind loads. A 33ksi, 20 Ga. x 3 1/2 x 1 3/8 metal
stud, 8 ft. high, with 5 psf wind load, can carry 1969 #. Whch means a total
compressive force on the end member of the shear wall of over 4000 # will
require a dbl. stud thicker than 20 Ga.

These values are conservative since I assume that it was calculated using an
isolated stud column with equal axial loads at the top and bottom. In a
shearwall end member, the contribution of the lateral  load to the compression
load at the shear wall end member starts at zero at the top to maximum value
at the bottom. I wonder if there is a special formula for this loading
condition? Anyway, these values looks reasonable enough.

Ernie Natividad