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RE: LGSS (Light Gauge Steel Studs) Need design example

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>Any comments????? At this point I am going to double up 20 gauge studs for
>low value shear walls and go back to 16 or 18 gauge studs for higher
>shearwalls until I can be sure how to attain a valid capacity.
>Just a thought. If I were to create a Mathcad analysis following the
>provisions in the prescriptive method (the long lengthy version) would if be
>of any interest to anyone else? If it would, I will spend the time and
>donate it to the list. Let me know, you would only need to obtain the
>section properties and radius's of the manufacturer you are using (unless
>there is some standardization).
>Dennis Wish PE
===== Comments by CHRISP@VLMK (Chris Palmateer) at 24-02-98 12:29 pm
Our office (located in Portland, OR) specifies that all metal studs supplied 
are to be per the Metal Stud Manufacturers Association (MSMA).  A group of 
manufacturers have gotten together and all produce shapes of equivalent 
cross section.  They have different punchout, etc., but the section 
properties are the same.  Knorr, Angeles, Studco, etc. are all represented 
so availability is not a problem.  They have ICBO approval, ER No. 4943.