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Steel connections using welds and bolts

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When a beam is attached to a column with welds at the flanges and bolts at
web, are the web-bolts required to be slip-critical bolts or can they be
bearing type bolts installed at snug-tight condition?

Per AISC 9th edition, paragraph J1-10, bolts cannot "share stress" with
unless they are installed as slip-critical bolts.  However, in the examples
pages 4-100 thru 4-108 of the Steel Manual, non-slip critical bolts are
designed for the web connection with the flange connection shown to be
 Perhaps this "assumes" that there is no sharing of stress since the bolts
carry shear and the welds carry tension/compression.  However, bearing type
bolts "assume" some movement to bring the bolts into bearing - so what
prevents additional stresses in the welds when the connection tries to
to bring the bolts into bearing?