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Re: SEAOC Committee Meetings / "picture phones"

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In a message dated 98-02-24 18:53:04 EST, Rick.Drake(--nospam--at) writes:

<<  (And no picture phones are not financially 
      viable for most SEAOC members.)
     I thought this area was progressing to the point of $150.00 at fry's
electronics. I would expect even lower prices in the future. Can someone give
the latest info on this concept? I have noticed the amount of e-mail plans
from ,and to, clients has increased significantly in the last year even though
i've had the capability for four years. " Picture phones " may be the next
step to reduce travel and meetings with clients even further. I feel i need to
stay up with technology or i may be left behind.I appreciate the info i
recieve from this listserver.

     Thanks in advance.

     Tom Harris, SE
     Thousand Oaks, CA