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Re: LGSS - Opinion on Stud pins in steel studs verses scr

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In a message dated 98-02-24 03:27:40 EST, you write:

<< My client wishes to substitute stud pins (power driven pins) to secure plwd
 or OSB shear panels to metal studs. >>
     Dennis , i have had very disappointing field observations of the pins.
They are puny for one. They do not "suck" the plywood up to the stud leaving a
gap. They bend the flange of the stud away from the plywood. I used them on 3
houses but never again. Screws turn out much better.
     If you get talked into using this , i recommend requiring screws to
supplement the pins first to "suck " the plywood tight to the stud. Then
require that you personnally observe the first application with the right to
reject and return to screws. 
      I recommend you do not use this product.
      A previous president of LGSEA ( George ? ) spoke to CSES 2 years ago and
was very knowledgable. He said this product was ICBO tested and approved
before the Northridge earthquake .
      Also, do you have the L.A. city steel stud notes? They are a must.They
even have energy info. If you don't, call me 805-499-4484 and i can fax them
but they are 30 pages or so.

      Hope that helps

     Tom Harris