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RE: LGSS - Opinion on Stud pins in steel studs verses scr

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It does help Tom. As it turns out, it adds about $70.00 per home (my client
worked out the math) which was not incentive to use the pins. I have already
refused to approve them since I have been uncomfortable with the current
allowances to lighter gauge studs and acceptance of the '97 code values for
steel studs. Since pins have not been tested or encompased in Professors
Serrette's testing, I have refused to approve their use on this project
until conclusive information is provided.
On the defense, I have reviewed samples of panels "nailed" with these pins
and they do appear tight through 7/16" OSB and 15/32" Plywood. I just don't
know if the results are consistant and capable by non-professionals
Thanks for the caution.

Dennis Wish PE

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|<< My client wishes to substitute stud pins (power driven pins) to secure
| or OSB shear panels to metal studs. >>
|     Dennis , i have had very disappointing field observations of the pins.
|They are puny for one. They do not "suck" the plywood up to the stud
leaving a
|gap. They bend the flange of the stud away from the plywood. I used them on
|houses but never again. Screws turn out much better.
|     If you get talked into using this , i recommend requiring screws to
|supplement the pins first to "suck " the plywood tight to the stud. Then
|require that you personnally observe the first application with the right
|reject and return to screws.
|      I recommend you do not use this product.
|      A previous president of LGSEA ( George ? ) spoke to CSES 2 years ago
|was very knowledgable. He said this product was ICBO tested and approved
|before the Northridge earthquake .
|      Also, do you have the L.A. city steel stud notes? They are a
|even have energy info. If you don't, call me 805-499-4484 and i can fax
|but they are 30 pages or so.
|      Hope that helps
|     Tom Harris