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RE: SEAOC $10.00 dues increases objection

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Thanks for your response to the needs to maintain a state office. You are
correct that SEAOC must "toot their own horn" more often so we can be
reminded of "our" representative accomplishments.
Without bursting the bubble and in no manner intendeding to reduce the
accomplishments of a state office, I think the question is still unanswered.
This issue is one of funding and substantiated expenditures - something that
we have neither asked for in the past or have received. It is possible that
the information was available but did not merit my attention until the state
announced a dues increase. Inasmuch as the advancements of the state
organization as well as each of the committees is supported by members dues
(and SAC contributions) we need to know that avenues have been investigated
to reduce unnecessary spending rather than to solicit additional funds from
members - which is the easiest means to gain income.
As an organized group, it appears that the listservice and Computer
Applications Committee have provided suggestions that would not only provide
more productive means to committee work and seminar reproduction (and sales)
but would help generate income. Is it unreasonable to request alternative
methods to generate the funds needed to support the states efforts with the
new IBC?
If it is necessary to provide income to maintain a national effort, then
possibly some of our suggestions can be utilized closer to home to reduce
the excess that may exist.
Mind you, I speak in generalities since I have not seen an accounting of the
states income and expense in the last year or so - which I believe the
members should receive annually.
Rawn, it boils down to financial accountability rather than a question of
accomplishments. Can the same work be done for less and without the need to
support an office and executive secretary (Alan Goldstein)?
It's hard to justify contributing more when we are told that each chapter
has an excess cash flow. This is great and I would not want to deplete the
resources to a negative cash flow, but is the cumulative excess of the
combined chapters sufficient to compensate the state for the money they are
asking the members to provide.
In one way the tables appear to be turned so that the chapter boards and
state boards are listening to the voices of the members they represent. It
is now that the members are requesting accountiblity and expecting that all
efforts will be made by our representatives to reduce excessive and
unnecessary expenditures as well as better methods to generate income
without steping on the toes of the chapters.

Dennis Wish PE