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Re: SEAOC $10.00 dues increases objection

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Rawn Nelson's reply pretty much answers my question on WHERE MY MONEY GOES.
And it's OK to toot your horn if beautiful music comes out of it. What's not
OK is when all that comes out is air or annoying noise. You got my vote for
the additional $10.00 including my full membership fee which I think is worth
it. This is the best I could offer since I am not active in any of the
committees. I admire the people who sacrifice their time, money and effort for
the good of our profession. I trust their judgement and I believe they are
doing the best they can. And I support them 110%.

I also read Bill and Dennis'  long responses and here is mine in defense of

It does not matter to me who in particular benefits from SEAOC's work, if it's
for the good for the Structural Engineering Profession, it's OK with me. If
the public ultimately receive the benefits in the form of a safer environment,
then maybe as Structural Engineers, we will eventually earn the  long awaited
respect we deserve. Let's toot our horns louder so people know what we are
here for. We are not just one of the Architect consultant or sub-contractor,
we are very important members of the Design Team which just happens to be
headed by the Architect.

Regarding the cost of maintaining SEAOC, again, I trust that they are doing
the best they can in this matter. Maybe they are too busy in their committee
work that thay cannot find the time to figure out cost saving options. Maybe
they did check out other options but they still believe that the current
system is the way to go. Let's hear from them.

If they don't agree that internet based committees will work, I respect their
opinion. I don't agree with them because I believe that internet meetings will
be a major influence in committee work in the next 2 to 5 years. But we have o
show and prove it to them. I'll talk more about this in  my post on Committee

Ernie Natividad