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SEAOC Committee Mtgs and $10 dues increase

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I am speaking only for myself and my observations and conclusions (weasel

The Board (SEAOSC) is currently addressing many new items not thought of or
addressed before.  The web and the WEBSITE are the primary ones I want to

The SEAOSC Board is moving to add an area on the SEAOC WEBSITE for "current
events".  I have suggested that several items needed now and on an ongoing
basis.  First is current BORPELS activility and National activities SEAOC
members should be aware of.  Second  SEAOC activities, first being a
presentation of the $10 dues increase and benefit of membership (see Rawn
Nelson's posting).  

Thirdly, committee and Board activity, electronic conferencing.  I have
proposed that we increase the capability of the WEBSITE and our server to
provide electronic conferencing for the State Board, State Committees,
Local Boards and maybe Convention Committees and some Local Committees,  I
have also proposed additional list servers that would contain Board and/or
Committee members as part of the list but open to submittals from the

I had no idea when I joined the SEAOSC Board of the scope of activities
paid for by our dues, most of which is a great value for the dollar. 
Remember the next 3 to 5 years are going to include National Building
Codes, National Professional Registrations and national practices  and in
order for members of SEAOC to benefit, SEAOC must make a fee investments

I also want the membership to be provided access to summaries (on the
website) of the information that I never knew before joining the Board.  It
would focus concerns and focus our statewide and national efforts.

	Bill Warren, SE
	Newport Beach, CA
	SEAOSC Board Member