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Re: SEAOC Committee Meetings

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After reading Dennis' reply to Rick, I strongly recommend we go into

Let's start a COMMITTEE on the list serve. Don't let all our "ramblings" go to
waste. This is not just to prove the unbelievers wrong. Let's do it because we
want to and not because we think they are wrong.

Personally, I am not really a good material for the regular committees since I
don' speak well, I can't organize my ideas fast enough to participate
effectively in discussions, I am not the agggressive type, I don't socialize
much, etc., plus the hardship of time and distance. A listserve committee will
be perfect for me. If there are other engineers like me who wants to help out
but can't because of similar constraints, this is our chance.

I have no idea where to start or how to get about it but I envision an end
product that can influence or have effect on Building Code provision,
interpretations and enforcement. It has to be a written report to be effective
since we are aiming for SEAOSC to review and support it and present it to the
Code writers. Discussions could be thru the listserve the way we are doing it
now but it must be organized, supervised and documented. Committee membership
should be limited at the start-up and trial period to avoid being overwhelmed
with too many post in our site. If any other volunteer wants to start his own
committee on another topic, that would be better. 

Any ideas on how we go about this? Anyone with experience organizing and
running a committee willing to adapt his system of a 'Real Meeting' to a
'Virtual Meeting' with real results.

Ernie Natividad