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Re: Dynamic base shears, is it considered?

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"For critical structures, the response spectrum is often determined by a
specific seismic review by the geotechnical engineer.  Where resulting
shears exceed the code minimums, the UBC allows scaling the results down
the code design level - however, I have designed critical utility
for higher than code levels where the client wants improved probability
operability after a seismic event."

I have a project where this case has come up.  The geotechnical engineer
the response spectrum where the base shears shot up above the code mins.
 My question is
where in the UBC does it allow to scale the results down to the code
minimums?  Is it typical
practice to design structures with the minimum base shear given in the
code when the seismic
review grants a higher load?

Thankyou in advance

Seimone Jurjis PE