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Post Earthquake Safety and Damage Assessments

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Greetings from the southern hemisphere pacific rim. I am a new participant 
in the group.

I am involved in development of procedures for the mobilisation of 
engineering personnel resources (and later other people resources) following 
a major earthquake in New Zealand.

What are the current procedures in California US please?  The last formal 
document that I am aware of is the "Safety Assessment Plan For Volunteer 
Engineers" draft from OES dated 1988.   I am aware that these were generally 
used after Loma Prieta.  What were the procedures followed in Northridge and 
how are they documented?  Who are the best people to contact directly 

Thanks in anticipation.

Bruce Shephard, Principal Consultant Seismic Risk
Opus International Consultants, New Zealand
DD Telephone +64 4 4717597,  Fax +64 4 4711397
Email bruce.shephard(--nospam--at)