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RE: Seismic acceleration of H2O

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I would suggest you should get a copy of the following ACI publication: 

Environmental Engineering Concrete Structures
ACI Committee 350, 1989
Abstract: Presents recommendations for structural design, materials, and construction of concrete tanks, reservoirs, and other structures commonly used in water and waste treatment works where dense, impermeable concrete with high resistance to chemical attack is required. Special emphasis is placed on a structural design which minimizes the possibility of cracking and accommodates vibrating equipment and other special loads. Information on design of tanks to resist seismic loads is included. Proportioning of concrete, placement, curing, and protection against chemicals are also described. Design and spacing of joints receive special attention. 


Brent Koch, P.E.
Livermore, CA

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Subject:	Seismic acceleration of H2O

I am evaluating an existing concrete water reservoir tank with 
cantilevered walls and no lid.  What seismic load will be induced on the 
cantilevered walls by the water, assuming the tank is half full?
Assuming the structure is located above grade, what shape does the 
water seismic load diagram take?
Any references?

Steve Campbell, P.E.