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RE: SEAOC Committee Meetings "Virtual committee standards"

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To members of this list, board members of each chapter, and representative
board members at the SEAOC state office:

In response to Frank Lew and Ernie Natividad:
Ernie, the issue is not to limit the input of those that wish to participate
in a listservice committee, but to methodicaly work through the problems as
a group.
To Lew's comments:
You have given us the greatest challenge and one which satisfies Natividad's
request - create the first listservice committee that would work to
establish guidelines and rules for the dissemination of information and the
steps needed to methodically work toward a common goal within any committee
through the use of a listservice and other electronic means to enhance
traditional committee meetings.
I tried to think of what committee we could establish on the Internet which
could be used as an example of the Listservices ability to work productively
for SEAOC. As Lew indicated, this is a monumental challange when there are
no ground rules and means to filter solutions down to an agreeable consensus
for submittal to the general membership. Lew was also correct to "expect
much more input, strong opinions and firm stands on most issues". But this
is an asset rather than a liability since well thought out opinions (well
written) are easier to address than unprepared statements filled with
implications and inuendo's.
The final fact is that the majority rules in parlimentary proceedure whether
we have a consensus of ten or one thousand - at some point comprimise must
be achieved, whether from a virtual committee or a physical meeting.
Let's stop talking about it and start preparing for what will be inevitable.
Forget whether cyberspace will replace physical space - in time it probably
will, but for now cyberspace is meant to enhance and draw together a larger
group of collective minds rather than segregate a community by physical
I suggest that we request, from the state board of SEAOC, to allow us to
establish first Virtual committee for the purposes of creating guidelines
and rules which are to be used to make virtual committee work productive and
an asset to physical committee's they are associated with.
I also suggest that we include the ability to do this without other cost to
the state than to establish an independent listservice on the SEAOC server
for those who wish to participate. I further suggest strongly that the
membership of this committee be open to any and all engineers regardless of
affiliation or geographic location in order to create a unified set of
"standards" that may be followed in any professional organization who wishes
to follow our example of virtual committee work.

If you are in favor of this, please respond under the subject "Virtual
Comittee Standards".

One final note, I recommend we do this as separate from the CAC (or at the
very least a sub-committee of the CAC) since I believe that they are
inundated at present and would not be able to productively handle this
challenge. I believe that those best capable of working through this type of
problem are those members who have had the experience on this list.

No problem can be too great when broken into the sum of it's parts,
analyized and reassembled to remove the extraneous inconsequential elements.
As far as time, I'm not sure that this can be answered at present other than
to say that whatever work is done in this area can only place us closer to a
working solution and save time later.

I urge you to send comments to SEAOSC board of directors, SEAOC board
members and the CAC committee to request the creation of a virtual

Dennis Wish PE