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RE: SEAOC Committee Meetings

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Lew stated a very valid issue: "the need for organizational structure to make sure these cyberspace 'virtual townhall meetings' don't just deteriorate into a babble of voices and opinions."
Lew has established the problem that needs to be overcome in order for electronic tools to be useful. You can make a workhorse out of a rogue until you tame it. We don't need to fear the problems, but create solutions to overcome them and make the idea of virtual townhall meetings or committee's work.
Reality yields that this is a trial and error method, but we gain nothing sitting on our laurels and regurgitating the problems over and over without trying to solve them. I suggested we make a physical (or virtual effort) to stop talking and start acting.
I also disagree with you on Frank Lew's participation. I believe he would be an asset to a committee on the basis of his pessimism alone. He may never be satisfied, but I doubt this since he is an intellegent professional who I believe would yield when he has substantial proof. Nothing will reach prefection and this may not satisfy the Lew's of the world, but committee's are based upon majority rule and at some point we will have gotten as close to a solution as possible and will have either convinced the Lew's on the committee or overruled them. At any rate, because of the Lew's, we will have worked closer to perfection than without.
Anyone who has sat with Kariotis or Ben Schmidt knows of their staunch, at times narrow opinions, but they are valid intellegent and respected members of the professional community who have gained the respect by virtue of the volunteer efforts they put forth - Frank Lew has paid his dues as well.
I don't mean to defend Frank, certainly he has condemned my thoughts as much or more than any others, but this does not stop me. Rather it encourages me to get closer to the truth.

Dennis S. Wish PE