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RE: SEAOC $10.00 dues in

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I did not intend to jump into this discussion on SEAOC's dues increase, but 
Dennis Wish's statement,

. > One way SEAOC can reward and promote volunteer participation is to offer a
. > reduction of dues for those who complete on year of committee work. 
. > Imagine how many would jump at the chance to become more active if their 
. > dues were cut in half.

made me change my mind.

I was a personal member of ASTM for many years; in fact, I have a 25-year 
plaque to signify that milestone.  When I first joined ASTM, part of the 
perks that personal members were entitled to 2 *free* parts of the ASTM 
Book of Standards in addition to discounts on purchase of other publications.

As the years went by, the dues went up and the perks went down, until the 
only perk was that a personal member could get a discount on parts of ASTM 
Book of Standards when ordered with dues payment.  Then, a couple of years 
ago, ASTM announced that only members that participate on ASTM committees
could get discounts on parts of the ASTM Book of Standards.  It became 
apparent to me that ASTM did not want members that did not participate on 
committees, so I quit ASTM.  Standing orders from non-members for parts of 
ASTM Book of Standards were entitled to a 10 percent discount, so I entered 
a standing order for the parts that I always had ordered.  (Now, there is no 

What I have tried to show is that exhibiting favoritism to one group is going 
to cause resentment of the rest of the membership.  Dennis, I hope that you 
would reconsider your suggestion.

Incidently, dues in the Tucson Chapter of the SEAOA is $60.00 a year, 
including state dues, and in the Phoenix Chapter it is $70.00 a year.  We 
would welcome any California defectors. ;-).

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona