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Re: SEAOC $10.00 dues increases objection

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wish(--nospam--at) write:

> One way SEAOC can reward and promote volunteer participation is to offer a
>  reduction of dues for those who complete on year of committee work.

An admirable idea.  But at the risk of strengthening my developing Bah,
Humbug! image, I think it would create more hassles than benefits.  Some
background info:  Back in the days when each regional group published its own
roster, the SEAONC annual rosters included listings of members on the various
committees for that year.  These committee rosters were compiled from the
annual dues renewal forms, which allowed members to indicate which committees,
if any, they want to serve on.  Well, the rosters of the more active
committees like Building Code and Seismology always showed hundreds of names.
But actual attendance at meetings rarely exceeded ten to twenty, and they were
mostly the same small cores of dedicated folks.  Most members signed up
primarily to receive the minutes and other committee documents so they can be
aware of forthcoming developments, but contributed zilch to the committee's
work.  Some committee chairs have threatened to drop members from the mailing
list who miss more than x number of meetings, so you'd generally see a few
physical lurkers at most meetings.

So, a significant issue would be the criteria for receiving the credit on dues
for committee work.  Some folks attend but contribute little or nothing, while
others contribute 'somewhat'.  Still others contribute at varying levels
through correspondence when they have schedule or distance conflicts.  Even
among those who attend regularly, a few do most of the work and make out-sized
contributions.  Should credit be given based on a minimum level of impact a
member has on a committee, or on the extent of a member's influence on
committee products?  Part of any criteria wll be subjective, and feelings will
be hurt when some folks fail to 'earn' the credit while other 'undeserving
slackers' do.

>  Imagine how many would jump at the chance to become more active if their
dues >  were cut in half.

Well, Dennis, you likely didn't arrive at this conjecture using Mathcad.  Your
proposed 50% reduction is about $100,  perhaps an hour of billable time for
most folks.  Considering the hours that active participation involves, that's
sub-McDonald level wages if they do so motivated mainly by the reduction.

>  It never hurts to recognize those that participate ....Recognition and
>  cudo's are something that SEAOC (and all chapters) fails miserably to

Hear, hear!  But non-monetary forms of recognition are more realistic and

ErnieNSE(--nospam--at) write:

>  Keep increase the cost on our dues, SEAOC will soon become a privileged
>  club for the rich engineers only.

Rich engineers?  An oxymoron!  :-)

Frank Lew, SE
Orinda, CA