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Rawn Nelson wrote:

The national picture has a large impact on California
structural engineers. 
[john]  California also has a large impact on us (non-Californians).  Through all of this discussion about $10 versus benefits from SEAOC I can't help but wonder what is being done by SEAOC about the upcoming vote on state employees doing design work on public projects (schools, hospitals, etc.)  This item has only been discussed one or two other times on the listserve (and then only briefly).

Is this legislation likely to pass or be defeated?

The possibility of this passing literally has engineers from all over the county on the edge of their seats because what happens in CA eventually heads east.  Many national groups have given money to help defeat this but, based on the amount of discussion this topic has received on the listserve, it seems that little is being done.

Just curious,

John Jones
Pell City, AL