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At this time it is difficult to say whether or not the PECG Initiive will
pass the June election.  Certainly, if it passes there will be a
significant impact on consulting engineering services within California.

I too, am surprised that this issue has not been further discussed on the
listserver.  SEAOC can not become a political action group because of our
tax status.  However, SEAOC has been a strong supporter of FEDUP who is
handling the issue for CELSOC.  Many individuals within SEAOC have
contributed money to this effort.

The latest information from FEDUP seems to be that the fight must take the
form of impressing upon the public that the measure means much more
bureaucracy and bigger government.  This is a measure sponsored and
developed by the engineering union within the State of California designed
to significantly increase their political influence.

Each of us, as concerned engineers, can take it upon ourselves to speak to
people and explain that passage of the measure means more government
involvement in our daily lives.  Remember that passage of this measure does
not simply impact schools, hospitals, and freeways.  It affects any project
in which there is any amount of state money involved.  Let's look at the
recovery from Northridge.  Every publically owned facility that was damaged
has 10% of the eligible costs provided by the State of California.
Therefore, nearly every one of these projects would have been subjected to
the unfair test of engineers fee vs. state employee direct salary.

How many buildings and facilities in non-disaster recovery receive some
form of state funds for their design and construction.  QUITE A FEW.

We do not need more government!!!!  They have not shown us that they can
handle what they currently do.  So each of you must take a proactive role
in disucssing the issue with your clients, friends, relatives, and

As we get closer to the time of the election, you will see more
advertisements regarding the issue.  At this time, with the limited funds
that FEDUP has, the advertisements must wait until they will have the most
impact on the voter.