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RE: CAD - Organizing detail libraries?

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Mark Middlebrook wrote:     
The obvious down-side is that someone has to keep the DWFs up-to-date with the DWGs. That's not too difficult to do with a batch file and script. For example, to create DWFs of all DWGs in a directory, put the following BAT and SCR file in the directory and run the BAT file:

@echo off
rem Lazy.bat: Uses R14 to run Lazy.scr on a batch of drawings
echo About to run Lazy.scr on all drawings in this directory
for %%f in (*.dwg) do start /wait c:\progra~1\autoca~1\acad.exe %%f /b Lazy.scr
echo Done.
;;; Lazy.scr: Creates a DWF file using the current DWG name, then quits.

_Medium _Yes

[john]  Thanks for the tip.  For anyone who has to change R14 to R13 the following script file can be used instead of the one supplied above:

;;; R13.scr: Creates a R13DWG file using the current DWG name, then quits.


One note of caution:  Move all files that you want to change to a temp directory or you will overwrite your R14 files with R13.

I have never used script files before.  Is there anyway to perform the bat files' do loop in the script instead?  That way you would only have to open acad once.  Also, can you code in a wildcard +  a text label when it asks you for a filename.  That way if your file name is S100 you could have the program name it S100_r13.dwg and you wouldn't have to move the files to a new dir. 

John Jones
Pell City, AL