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Re: Dynamic base shears, is it considered?

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Bill Sherman wrote:
> >Code static forces have to be factored (e.g. 1.4 E for concrete etc.) to be
> checked >against ultimate capacity level, whereas for wood, masonry etc. the
> Code static >forces are checked against allowable stress.
> This situation has been reversed in the 1997 UBC - since the seismic loads
> are
> now developed for ultimate strength, a load factor of 1.0 is used for
> seismic
> loads when using load factor design, per Section 1612; but for allowable
> stress design, the seismic loads are divided by 1.4 per Section 1612.3.

O.K. I am still using 1994 UBC because most of the cities I deal with,
haven't adopted 1997 UBC yet.  I will remind myself to read the 1997 UBC
one of these days. I bought the manuals half a year ago and have touched
them yet. Don't blame me, that 3-volumn manuals are as thick as a bible
and made for attorneys, not for engineers.