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RE: SEAOC $10.00 dues in

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One thing puzzles me about your post. I think I may have missed your point.
You were pleased to be a member of an organization that offered you specials
on publications. You felt that they cared enough for their membership to
offer a cost saving incentive in hopes of increasing the number of members
in time.
But as they became more stingy in their offerings, you became more resentful
and finally could see not incentive to continue paying dues.
Is this correct or have I missed something.
Why, then would I reconsider my position why you have done so well to
support it?

My remarks were in reply to a post from another member who suggested ways to
increase participation and reward those who take an active interest in their
professional community.
I don't believe my idea is a bad one. As you pointed out, the stingier and
more restrictive ASTM became the more you resented their position and the
less likely you were to participate.
One nagging problem with SEAOC (and each chapter) is the lack of volunteers
for committe work. Certainly SEA chapter would be appreciative with a growth
of new members. Checking through each issue of SEAOSC Newsletter we see
anywhere from ten to twenty new members each month. I'm not sure how many
are lost each year, but it would seem to me that you could intice more
professional community spirit by offering incentives to members to
SEAOSC offers incentive programs all the time. They recognize a committee
chair who has done an outstanding job and they pay homage to him by plaque,
admission to a convention or any number of ways. Don't you believe that it
SEAOC could gain more members and committee volunteers by offering "perks"
on membership dues or as you suggested, reductions in the cost of seminars
and publications?

I think this could stand a little time to explore.
Dennis Wish PE

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|Subject: RE: SEAOC $10.00 dues in
|I did not intend to jump into this discussion on SEAOC's dues increase, but
|Dennis Wish's statement,
|. > One way SEAOC can reward and promote volunteer participation is to
offer a
|. > reduction of dues for those who complete on year of committee work.
|. > Imagine how many would jump at the chance to become more active if
|. > dues were cut in half.
|made me change my mind.
|I was a personal member of ASTM for many years; in fact, I have a 25-year
|plaque to signify that milestone.  When I first joined ASTM, part of the
|perks that personal members were entitled to 2 *free* parts of the ASTM
|Book of Standards in addition to discounts on purchase of other
|As the years went by, the dues went up and the perks went down, until the
|only perk was that a personal member could get a discount on parts of ASTM
|Book of Standards when ordered with dues payment.  Then, a couple of years
|ago, ASTM announced that only members that participate on ASTM committees
|could get discounts on parts of the ASTM Book of Standards.  It became
|apparent to me that ASTM did not want members that did not participate on
|committees, so I quit ASTM.  Standing orders from non-members for parts of
|ASTM Book of Standards were entitled to a 10 percent discount, so I entered
|a standing order for the parts that I always had ordered.  (Now, there is
|What I have tried to show is that exhibiting favoritism to one group is
|to cause resentment of the rest of the membership.  Dennis, I hope that you
|would reconsider your suggestion.
|Incidently, dues in the Tucson Chapter of the SEAOA is $60.00 a year,
|including state dues, and in the Phoenix Chapter it is $70.00 a year.  We
|would welcome any California defectors. ;-).
|A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
|Tucson, Arizona