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RE: SEAOC $10.00 dues increases objection

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Dennis Wish is no more important to your decision making process than any
other contributer to this list. I would hate to think that anyone acts
blindly on my opinions alone. I am only one voice on this list (albeit a
regular contributer) and do not wish to impose my position on others. Nor do
I wish to stand on the "soap box" and suggest that my way is the only way. I
would hope that others who agree with me do so because my arguments and
reasoning is valid. The last thing I have ever wanted to be is an

Dennis Wish PE

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|I don't remember saying anything about SEAOSC being a club for rich
|In fact, on my last post, I supported the full membership fee plus the
|increase. Even after reading other post on this matter and even if Dennis
|it is not wise, I'm happy with my decision and I haven't change my mind.
|Ernie Natividad